We predominately use solid wood for our furniture. We are also skilled in the use of wood veneers where appropriate. In both cases the material used will have naturally occurring variations in grain pattern and colour. These variations provide a significant part of the individual character of the piece.

We use a natural micro-porous wax oil finish which treats the surface whilst allowing the wood to breathe and the wood grain to be apparent to the touch. This wax oil will not crack, flake, peel or blister. It provides a resilient and low maintenance surface which is resistant to common household liquid spills. However, any spills should not to be left to ‘stand’ and should be cleaned up promptly to avoid the possibility of water marks.

In time the surface of the wood may begin to look dry. This can be rectified by an additional application of wax oil which is a very straight forward process. If a high sheen is required then buffing with a dry cloth will achieve this.